The Culture


Ghana has a rich cultural heritage.

Ghana is in western Africa on the coast of the Gulf of Guinea. With a population of about 28 million. It was the first African nation south of the Sahara to achieve independence from colonial rule. It is also known for having significant wildlife, old forts, castles and secluded beaches.  Ghana is historically famous for its gold - It was previously called the Gold Coast. It’s also known for commodities like Cocoa, diamonds, Oil, and many types of Woods. 50.9 % males, 49.1% females.


Major Ethnic Groups in Ghana



of Ghanaians are Christian 


of Ghanaians are Muslim



The Schools


Blind and deaf students primarily attend special schools for the blind and deaf.

In the three regions we serve, there are three deaf schools and one blind school. They are all boarding schools located near the regional capitals and serving children from the entire region.



The natural resources


Ghana's landscapes are as varied as her people.

The south of the country consists of beaches and rainforests, which transitions to dry savannahs in the north. Ghana's resources include oil and gold. In game preserves, elephants, hippos, and monkeys are found. 


Exports of Ghana (by percentage)

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